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Friday, May 22, 2009

Amber - 3years + 1month

My little girl is now 37 months old. Apart from her increasing vocabulary, she can now :

- does not use potty anymore, she prefers adult toilet.

- able to go toilet on her own (take off own pants, adjust her tiny bum bum to sit to the throne, tear tissue paper, fold and wipe off)

- wears diapers only during nap and bedtime. Most of the time, diaper stays dry at afternoon naptime

- able to brush her own teeth (but I must do a major clean up every alternate day)

- finally learning how to write, guided by dotted lines (I got her a Spiderman a-b-c book to inspire her)

-chewing more solid food (she is able to finish off one chicken drumstick in a go)

-able to walk upstairs and down unguided

slowly and surely, she will learn to write a-b-c before she goes to kindie next year.

Way to go girl !