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Monday, May 24, 2010

Amber's Allergy Update

We went back for a follow up visit last week to the doctor at Tangkak. Her allergy level has gone down since the last visit and I'm happy with her results.

Then, on 10 April 2010, her allergy level was :

House Dust Mite - 14
Milk - 10
Eggs - 13
Candida - 10

Now, her allergy level has gone down to :

House Dust Mite - 4
Milk - 6
Candida - 5
Egg - 5

Allergy levels are from zero (lowest) to 20 (highest). We are down to single digit and am praying she hits 'ZERO'. Then, she has to abstain from the allergic items for one year for body to build up immunity before she can continue to consume eggs, dairy and yeast.

This 6 weeks has been challeging but we are getting by.

She knows she's not supposed to take milk, eggs and bread but other host of food which contains yeast and milk powder (as in most biscuits and crackers), we have to be careful and read ingredients properly.

Once in a while, she tries to get her way and I pity her coz she's only a kid who loves kiddy food.

I was a the supermarket getting a tray of Grade A eggs for make a layer cake and she asks me in English, as spoken by Amber :

Mama, why you buy so many eggs ?
Mah Mah birthday coming soon, I want to make a layer cake.
Can you make a cake, no eggs wan ? So that I can eat ?

At that moment, I felt so much for the little girl, like she's missing out on everything.

Then last Friday, she let the cat out of the bag, I was driving her and she told me :

Today, Teacher Jo gave me chocolate ...

What ? Err .. you cannot eat chocolate, teacher know or not ?

Yes, I ask Teacher Jo to give me one. Mama, the chocolate very nice wor. Got little bit milk wan. Not dark dark wan..

Ok, next time cannot eat anymore, you know you are seeing Dr Wong, you have to listen to him, wait until you are 5 years old, then you can eat anything, otherwise you will be itchy for life. Listen to him, can or not ?

**silence** then a moment later..

Mama, today in school I eat cake.

What ? You eat cake ? Why did you eat so many food in school and didn't finish your strawberries ?

Today is Teacher's Day. The cake very nice wor..

Amber, you know you cannot eat cake right ? Why do you want to eat ? Be a good girl and listen to doctor ok ?... then before I could go on, she snapped back :


*mata jeling** I saw from my front mirror, while I was driving. I didn't want to chide or scold her anymore. She was so upset and frustrated with my naggings. Then I called the principal, they admitted giving Amber chocolates and cakes because Amber pleaded for it and one wasn't enough, she wanted to chocolates (those mini cadbury dairy milks). I explained to the principal the importance of bringing down her allergy level to zero and if she takes any allergy food, her allergy level will go up again and we are back to square one. So, we have an agreement, I shall prepare a box of allergy free goodies that Amber can eat and Principal shall keep for 'emergencies', such as parties , etc.

Then another incident, Amber and hubs walked past Secret Recipes at Tampin :

Papa, the cake very nice hor ? Can eat or not ?
Cannot, this one got eggs and milk. When you reach 5 year old and you are 'ok', Papa will buy for you. ok ??
Oh kay ... (sad look on the face)


Amber is taking it very well, she doesn't throw a tantrum when told she can't eat certain food, the most she'll do is give me a very pitiful look and speaks in a very pitiful tone and which melts both hubs and me.

I think by the time she hits the 1 year-free-from-allergy mark, we're gonna have a party, with every food containing eggs, milk , cheese and chocolates ! CAN'T WAIT !!!!