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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mah Mah's Birthday

Today is MIL's actual birthday and coincidentally she's in town for some matters. Amber knew she was going to meet Mah Mah today and quickly drew a card for her last night.

Since she started kindy, she enjoys drawing birthday cards, Mother's Day cards etc.. I hope there's some artistic streak in her, yet to be seen at this age but I really hope she has better drawing skills than me, who can't even draw an apple !

Hubs helped her with the spelling and she wrote Happy Birthday Mah Mah . without any mistakes. Some letters big, some small and some VERY BIG ! The little inconsistencies is what makes the card special.

The envelope :

She wrote i *heart* U and decides to draw a face in the 'U'. Two eyes, nose bridge like Mama, etc.. eh.. she was looking and my nose to get an idea how to draw nose. See above, tell me my nose is not that horrifying ...LOL !!!

With some stickers here and there and I glued a family pic on the card.. and we have a very special birthday card for Mah Mah.
She can't wait to go kai kai tonight and give Mah Mah her birthday card.