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Monday, May 31, 2010

Here Comes The Bride

She loves playing 'getting married' and she always has to be the bride. Anything long and flowy will do, towels or blankets preferred. She always plays getting married at the childminders and picks a 7 yr old boy, Yang Yang kor kor to be her 'husband'

Last weekend, she roped in her cheh-cheh to be her 'groom'. I taught her new words - bride and groom.

So, she asked me to tie the towel around her waist and it has to be around the waist , not around the neck because the towel/veil will be too short and cannot 'sweep the floor'

Here, the 'groom' holds the veil.

She walks 'princess' style, slowly , step by step, with a glee on the face to the grandparents room.

Presenting, the bride and the groom..