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Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I read many moms blogging about what Motherhood means to them in lilhyppo's blog. Congratulations to mNhL and Barb who won the contest.

Every Mother's Day, I miss my own mom. Recalling all her sacrifices to bring her 5 children up with very little means, putting our interest forward, before her own health and self.
She passed away in 1995 and I saw her breathe her last breath and my biggest regret is not being able to tell her 'I Love You, Mom'. I did not even hold her when she collapsed as I was too shocked then. She passed away from an asthma attack that never made it to the ICU in time.

Mother was always there to greet me when I go home. The house smells of 'home' with her presence. She was always around to hear me out, my work problems, personal issues and every other thing.

I missed her most when I became a mother. I knew the sacrifices she had to go through, to make sure there's food on the table, there's boiled water to drink, clean clothes to wear and every single mechanical thing that makes a household running in orderly manner. Mind you, things has been taken for granted, has to be in place even when we mothers are ill. Now, I know ! Many times, I cried for my mom when I was in pain, ill and sick and had to drag my own 2 feet to get a glass of water to drink and cook my own food.

Motherhood means.... understanding, accepting and be honoured to be able to sacrifice as a Mother.

Amber doesn't know much about Mother's Day. To her, it's a celebration and she wants to cut a cake to 'celebrate' with me. I think it's the excitement of blowing the candles off a cake that she looks forward to.

The surprised that was supposed to be... but Amber's little big mouth blurt it all out 2 days before Mothers Day and I had to pretend not to know and act surprised...

She chose the card and mug.

I achieve the highest standard in home management, laundry service and as a Chef ... LOL ! Should I celebrate ????

This is a musical giggling card... chosen by Amber coz the music was 'cute'

Amber wrote the card, with a little help from hubs on the spelling. Hubs also helped her with the tiny thumbprints and wrote the 'kiri' and 'kanan'.. I had a good laugh...
Thank you hubs and Amber !
Motherhood means a lot more knowing I'm appreciated. I've still a long way to go in the Motherhood journey to ensure she grows up to be a morally responsible and filial daughter.