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Friday, May 7, 2010

Stomach Flu

Amber's down with stomach flu. In fact the a few of the kids at the childminder got it and I heard even Sharon is down with fever.

Stomach flu - with diarrhea and vomitting is very contagious. She last had it when she was 20 months old, diarrhea for 2 weeks. I spent so much money sending her to the hospital, paeditrician and forth and lastly sent her stool for test. -ve and she recovered.

My guess is we'll have to let it run it's course, let her tummy clear itself off the bad virus and slowly recover.

The childminder picked her up from kindie yesterday and the teacher didn't look too happy. She vomitted on the floor on the way to the toilet. She also told me : Teacher Mila say tell your mummy if you are sick, don't go to school.

*shame* I feel bad for the teachers but honestly, she was fine yesterday morning albeit tired looking. No fever, no vomit, no purging.

Last night, she woke up at 2.30am, crying, complaining of stomach ache, I took off her diapers and saw she had diarrhea-ed. She sat on the toilet seat and cried and later let out a big Hiroshima... hubs who was sleeping soundly heard the big explosion of yellow smelly goo and lots of gas. She felt better after that.

We've decided to let her rest another day today and I've been scrubbing the toilet with Dettol this morning. I don't want hubs or me to get it as stomach flu can be contagious. The last round she got it, when she was 20 months old, she spread the germs to hubs and me. Boy, it was CHAOTIC, having 3 in a family sick n running to the toilet all the time, and were were staying in a small apartment then, sharing the same toilet !

Ok, I need to scrub ALL toilets that she uses with Dettol tonight. There goes my Friday evening !