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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our Visit To Tangkak

A little update on our visit last week. We stayed over at PILs and left for Tangkak in the morning. While waiting for our turn, we were told it's about 1 hour wait, we hopped to the kopitiam few units away and had our rotikaya. Seems like the dimsum and fish slice noodles are popular there but we already had our breakfast, we'll keep that for our next visit.

Steamed roti kaya with thick sliced salty butter, Amber's favourite.. she specifically asked for salty salty butter.. and paired with hot Milo.. yummzz,

but... all are NO-NO now. :(
Highly allergic.. eggs, bread, milk, sugar ... the perfect recipe for 'ITCHY'

Ooh.. how she relish it.. sorry Amber, rotikaya + thick salty butter gotta go. Wait till next year.. just one year only , ok ?

While waiting for the doctor :

Amber actually cried when she saw the doctor, because we couldn't explain clearly to her what's to come, as we don't even know, we casually mentioned to see a doctor for her 'itchiness' but Dr Wong, is quick to warm up and is very good with kids, very patient and takes his time to explain, asked about our medical history, environment at home and in the office, etc to investigate the cause of allergy. Amber was alright after a while and sat on hubs lap, following instructions, holding the test tubes in her hand as told.

Doc will then test hubs strength while he's holding Amber tight and Amber will hold the test tubes. Hubs should resist his push and if Amber is not allergic to that item in the test tube, his strength will be able to resist his push.

And for elements that she's allergic to, hubs will not be able to resist his strength. Magic ? Seeing is believing ! After going through a host of tubes, we knew she was allergic to : eggs, milk, house dust mites and candida.

A friendly get-well handshake with Dr Wong

The elements that she's allergic to and level of allergy

Dr Wong practises homeopathy, he explained to us how his treatment works, he mentioned something like.. the energy from the allergens are transferred to a saline solution.. I was too in a daze, to fully understand what he said but more or less I understood.

Amber has to take 2 drops a day, once in morning and evening to reduce her allergy and in abstain from ALL food containing the 4 elements : milk, eggs, candida and house dust mites.

He allowed me to take pictures and later told me.. the response time after taking d drops is abt 3 wks and until then I am nobody and dont' deserve any attention...

Very friendly and a polite doctor and for anonymity sake, I'll pass the contact to any readers who email me direct.

Meanwhile I'll be blogging on Amber's journey to recovery. Freedom from allergy is not a distant dream after all.