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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nutritous Meal for Her

Sometimes I'm at a loss and don't know what to cook for her. Porridge is too boring if taken too frequently. Rice and meat, she takes too long to eat chew and when the food gets cold, it's unappealing.

I noticed she likes those double boil soups (dun thong) from restaurants and street hawkers. Amber loves soups and I think soup gives her lots of nutrition and also a very good tonic for the body.

I mimicked those dun thong and made a small pot at home, using her mini crock pot. No need to 'jaga api'

I scatter of herbs from my fridge, as I know, all are 'good stuff'

dong sum, kei chee, nam cho, hong cho, fook san, wai san

Rinse and dunk in the mini crock pot with a kampung chicken drumstick and a dash of salt. Slow cook for 3 hours

Serve with white rice.

She loves it to bits and finish the whole pot of soup.