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Friday, May 7, 2010

The Big Mouth !

I had a real lousy day today, arguing with the HSBC Credit Card telebankers right just now, Amber made me laugh soo hard, she really brighten up my day.

We went to KLCC to do some shopping for 2 friends who had a new baby. I was at Isetan and hubs and her were elsewhere. When I was done, I called hubs who was at Concourse. Just taking Amber around, he said. So, I told him to meet me at Toys r Us.

The moment Amber saw me, she said out loud :

Mama, just now Papa buy you a card wor..

Oi ! Quiet ! Cannot say, why you tell ?

The card ah.. bla bla bla bla.. can't remember what she said.. I was laughing already. I knew it was meant to be a surprise but the little fart leaked it out.

Hubs also cannot tahan and started laughing. He knew his 'secret' to surprise me with a card is already out.

Then Papa also buy you a mug. Got picture wan.. bla bla bla bla ..

I laughed so hard... The innocent fart, told me everything she's not supposed to. She couldn't keep the excitement to herself.

Hubs told me when he bought the card and little pressie, she made Amber promise.

Cannot tell Mama, ok ?
Secret ah ..
Surprise ok ?
Come, thumb thumb (sealing the secret by knotting their each other's thumb together. I always use this as a secret code, between 2 of us).

Manatau, the little big mouth blurted the 'sealed secret' out in less than 10 mins.

She really lighted up my lousy evening and as I'm typing this, I'm still laughing..

Amber, oh Amber !