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Friday, May 7, 2010

Chitter Chatter - Update

Been a long time since I last updated on Amber's conversation.

She's a joy to talk to, *when I have the time*. Very often, I try to cut her conversations short or in other words *shut her up* when I need to get things done.

I know, I am guilty and I'm sure many moms out there face the same issue. . having kids who can't stop talking !!

I'd better note down her conversations before I forget. English, as spoken by Amber, my 4 year old :


Mama, you better don't eat so much. Afterwards ah.. you become very fat already.

If you fat, you cannot walk, your leg pain ..

When you are fat ah... your legs will become short.

**shame** - my own daugther asking me to diet ? I don't know where she got the idea of fat woman has short legs but I do know after putting on so many kilos the last 10 years, I do look a lot shorter than before.


one day, I was folding 'kam ngan' for Ching Ming prayers for my mom. She asked me what they were for.

It's for Amah.. Mama's mummy.

Questions marks starts running in her little head.

Your Mama ah ? Yee Ma ?? (Yee Ma is my father's current wife)

No, Amah. Mama's mother passed away and I'm folding these to pray for her.

You have 2 Mama ah ?? Not wanting to explain further and can't wait to shut her up, I said 'Yes'.

How come you have 2 Mama, I don't have ?

???????? You want 2 Mama meh ? You don't want me already ?

Errr. no no no no no ! I want only Mama !

I quickly distract her and changetopic before she ask me why I have 2 Mama .


While I was baking cupcakes for her one day.

Mama ! One day ah.. can you teach me how to make cake ?


So ah, next time I can make cake for my daugther to eat .

I teach you everything I know ok ? And then you cook for MamaPapa to eat , can or not ?


and so many more chitter chatter that left hubs and me in stitches. I really must note it down more frequently now before I forget.