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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Goodies from Japan

I love it when someone goes to Japan and brings me back goodies (hint ! hint !). Be it omochi gift packs, candies, paper fans or any other souvenirs, I like the way the goodies are presented. The Japanese are so good with packaging.

MIL came back from Japan recently and gave us these yummies :

these are hand-rolled and hand cut candies. Amber's on low sugar diet and I'll keep it till next year. I hope they dont end up in my tummy before Christmas is over :(

and ... this looks like ??? n*p*l* candy .. LOL !!!

this candy, shaped just like rockmelon.. taste like rockmelon except it's not rockmelon ! Made from white chocolate.

hair accesories for Amber..
Oh, how I long to go Japan !!!!