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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wine Roundtable at The Dealers

Last Saturday we went for the 'ultimate' wine gathering for the year. Each of us had to bring our best wine and location this time was at the dealers house. He's such a nice guy for accomodating us, we know if we ever run out of wine, we can ransack his cellar.

We were the first couple to arrive and was greeted by :

Hubs can feel the mood of the night, even before his kakis arrive.

All very premier wines

The dealers home is excellent for wine gatherings. I like his showcase of miniature and aged brandy and whiskies.

Then the 'guest of honour' arrived :

Amber looking at the guest of honour. Look carefully, can see or not ?

Mr Roast Pig was the guest of honour for the evening. One 40kg pig for us to 'pig out' to the max !

Warm and moist meat, tasty and crunchy skin.

That night, I had a chance to savour different parts of the pig. Above is the rib strips.

This from dunno where.. strictly crackling skin and very thin layer of meat. I also tried the 'cheeks' .. apparently the most sought after part of the roast pig. Very nice and Amber likes it as the skin is not too crunchy and roasted and very biteable.

This is the 'hind' of the pig.

An irresistable piece.

His HUGE cellar awed us. Everyone posed to take a picture and we boasted to have been to France and back. 14 rows of shelves. AWESOME !!!

The oldest wine in his collection. 1915 !! Still drinkable too. A collectors piece now. The dealer said the market value is close to 40k or 50k. I nearly pengsan-ed and was mindful not to touch (although itchy hands of mine wanted to hold 50k bottle in hand).
The wines we had after 'pigging out' :
We started with Chilean red, Montes collection - Follie, Purple Angel and 'M' Series. Didn't take any picture. As with any wine tasting, hubs very kan cheong during the start and forgets to snap pics.
Then we moved to :
Hills of Grace 1985

Chateau Pape Clement. Grand Cru Classe Bourdeaux 2006

Latour 1993

We had 2 Grange. What a treat, to be able to compare a 1994 and 1995 vintage. Although a year difference but the taste differed greatly. 1994 is a lot more complex and rich, more 'power' (hubs definition) than 1995.

a Moillard Burgundy... 1980.. We had the 1976 too and it was EXCELLENT. It was aged so well, we had to drink within 15 minutes. Both wines are not for sale anymore. The dealer has been very kind to us. I think we've tasted his 1976 a couple of times.

a 1995 Medoc

The kakis, their kids, the dealer, the bottles, the glasses and decanters. WHAT A NIGHT !
What did Amber do ? She played with her own toys

and played with the other kids...

The dealer had 3 house dogs... very adorable, friendly and kept the kids occupied

and guess who had wine too ?

Terry ! This pup is very pampered, gets to drink premier wines and hair coiffured nicer than mine. . with hairclips too.

Terry also got 'drunk'

It was an excellent evening with only premier wines and good company. The guys are talking about holding this kinda event maybe once a year.. or once in 2 years.. Very expensive affair to drink premier wines.
Well, all the hubs were so high on wine, they slept in on Mothers Day !
That's why I have nothing to post on what I ate or did on Mothers Day .... LOL !!!