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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What's Happening in the Garden ?

A burnt leaf :

I heard Amber shouting : Mama ! Come and see ! Come and see !

I saw the 'big kid' and the little kid squatting on the grass and hubs asked me to grab a camera. Father and daughter, doing this :

Starting a fire, burning a leaf with a magnifying glass.
Amber learned new words 'magnifying ( a mouthful for her ) , and 'focus'
She's very excited, like any kid.
Father and daughter, so alike, one a kid at heart and the other, a kid at play.
Then I took opportunity to snap some nice kaffir limes fruiting at my garden. I bought this plant a year ago, hubs didn't believe they'll fruit. With consistent watering, fertilizer and the best spot in the garden, I have about 20 limes fruiting.

some in clusters..

some alone..
Nice ? I love it's fragrance..
Time to cook some tomyam soon !