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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More food for her

I found these at the supermart below my office block last week. I was very happy with my 'loot'.

This biscuits are really cute. Similiar to the Marks and Spencers animal biscuits that FIL & MIL gets for her except these are organic and allergy free.

Rice crackers are good too but she didn't like it. Tough and chewy ! Most likely will end up in my tummy.

And the best of the loot :

Oreos and Ritz crackers by Kraft. Other similiar brands like Julies will not do as they contain milk powder. She can't even take Jacobs Crackers as one of the main ingredients is 'yeast'.

Most cookies and biscuits have leavening and raising agents.. some use yeast and some baking soda. I just have to be careful.
So, with Ritz crackers and peanut butter, she has 'peanut butter sandwich' for her school snack !

Mama, I like ! Very nice !!!