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Thursday, May 20, 2010

School Sports Day

The kindie had their Sports Day last Saturday. It's another one of Amber's first.

Location was at a clubhouse near our house.

Hubs couldn't make it (darn). Joanne (Sharon's mom) and myself signed in our attendance and both of us were very excited, looking forward to our daugther's very first Sports Day.

The agenda :

Amber is seated on the left, behind Sharon who's adjusting her hat.

Singing the school song.

Singing Negaraku.

At this point, I felt that my girl had grown so much, singing Negaraku and participating in Sports Day. I almost shed tears.. please don't grow up so fast Amber.. stay kiddy as that'll be the best time of your life !

Each class is divided to 2 teams, red and blue and the kids have a ribbon tied to their wrist. Amber is in red team

They did 2 race : Pick Me Up and I Can Do It . Both race requires basic skills like holding the ball, running to and fro and passing to the next team mate. Amber did well and red team won. In fact all the other kids did well and it wasn't about winning but having fun instead.

The moms (Joanne, Maha and me) felt like kids again when we cheered for our girls :

Go Sharon Go !
Go Kenisha Go !
Go Amber Go !

We had FUN ! LOL !

I must make a note to bring my videocam next year to record down the event.

After their 4 yr olds were done, they had to wait for the 5 & 6 yr old's race. They were given snacks of sausage bread and Ribena. I quickly stripped the bun off and gave her sausage instead coz she can't take bread.

Parents were also given Ribena drinks, sponsored by Smithkline Beecham

Waiting for the elder kids to finish their wait seems like a 'very long' wait for Amber :

Then she cried for me.. Mama !!! Yikes.. I quickly hid at the back. Her teacher warned me to disappear from her radar, else she might not participate in her race and wants me instead. :(

Then came the prize giving time. She was the first to be called up.

Amber receiving a prize from her class teacher, Teacher Mila and principal, Teacher Jo.

Her trophy :

Her very first Sports Day.
The teachers did a very good job. No easy feat getting 70 odd students to participate in an orderly manner and not to mention managing the enthusiastic parents too. Teacher Jo said the kids have been practising for 2 months with 5 minutes practise each day.
Today, when I dropped her at school, the kids were already practising for the School Concert, due in October :)