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Thursday, May 6, 2010

She Knows Best

Amber's been sick since Monday. She has fever running from midnight of Sunday and I gave her paracetamol. She skipped school and we sent her to the babysitter's instead. Over there, she just took paracetamol and continued her day as usual, played with other kids.

Hubs and I are not surprised she fell sick coz it's been almost a year since she last had fever. We said, 'it's about time'.

We gave her another day off on Tuesday and her fever subsided.

Wednesday, we changed her to school uniform and she complained of stomach ache, crying and wailing. Doesn't seem right to me and we took her to the clinic. She was given Colimix and Buscopan for the cramps.. and we sent her to the childminders. No fever but vomit after taking Colimix. I stopped giving her the medication. Other than complaining of tiredness, she appears normal, I gave her soya milk before she slept

This morning, she complained 'tired' again, asking to be carried and doesn't want to go to school. So tired that she slumped on the floor. I thought it was a ploy and excuse for not skipping school.

After 3 days of skipping school with no high fever, I send her back. She wailed when Teacher Mila carried her away from me. Poor girl, hung on to me like a koala bear. When teacher took her away, her legs held tightly to my legs. I let go.

At 9.20am today, Teacher Jo- the principal called me and said Amber vomitted twice. She made a mess as she was running to the toilet to throw up but didn't make it in time. There was a trail of vomit along the floor.

I called Boon to pick her up from school.

Poor girl, she was right when she complained of tiredness and unwell. Terrible me, for insisting to send her to school. :(