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Friday, April 2, 2010

Back to my Alma Mater

I've posted this to share with my school buddies, sisters and cousins. Eileen, AiMe, CheeYoke,Liz, AiKim and SeiYee, pice below brings back many memories of our care-free days. Anyone been back to school lately or even in the last 10 years ?

I'm contemplating to send Amber to my previous school. I like the cooling and lush environment and I took hubs there for a visit during lunch one day..

Let the pics do the talking :

The long stairway up the back entrance of the school, walking into School 1.

on the left, of the entrance... I think the school for handicapped is no longer there tho'

the dark walkway, entering to White Hall

This was where the 'Stone Hall' used to be. They've cleared it and built classrooms instead (on left). Remember, at the end of Stone Hall, there's many saga trees and we pick red saga seeds to sew our 'five stones'. On the right (not visible) verandah was where we always 'chop' a place to play 5 stones during recess time.

This was moi's Std 1 classroom. Back then, tables and chairs were brown wood. full of pock marks, dug out from students pencil. I still remember, sitting somewhere in the middle.. learning Bahasa,, making sense out of 'daratan' and 'dataran'.

White Hall, typical Roman architecture.

Another angle of White Hall, the tiles turned grey now. Wonder if they've renamed it to 'Grey Hall' ?

Beautiful tiles. withstanding ageing, wear and tear.

Look above, you see this and many many buildings more.

graffiti.. poor yap kap poh.. she must be bullied.

This corner corridor of primary school, a very dark corner during late evenings. Once we played 'Spirit Of The Coin' here. Unfortunately or fortunately, no spirits came.
On the left was our singing room and during Form 6, we look forward to singing lesson with Mrs Narayanan.. singing to 'Love Story' ..

.. where do I begin ?
.. to tell the story of how great a love can be ?
.. the sweet love story that is older than the sea
.. the simple truth about the love she brings to me .
... Where doooo I staaaaarrrttTTTT ....

.. with the first hello...

We always always wanted to sing the sloppy Love Story. We could sing over and over again.. Oh.. those days..

The Bookshop !

Stains on walls. I've always thought it was shit.. like some shit hit the fan, but dunno what shit. Been there since primary days and through the years, it's still there.

The view of primary school field. Memories of my Sports Day, I was in Rumah Hijau, came flooding back. Our team's game was 'Pandang Ke Timur' and some gunny sack race. Now.. where did I put those medals ???

Then, we scoot up to secondary school before the bell rings. Quickly grabbed some lunch before anyone notice us :

Nasi campur for both of us. RM10. Not very healthy stuff (vegetarian mock meat, ikan masin, telur masin). Crappy food, nothing compares to Christopher's 'chap farn'. Think I should write to Jamie Oliver ? Wonder if he'll take a challenge to revamp our school canteen food ??

View from the canteen. Notice the pavilion built to seat more students during recess ?

Ahh.. the tennis court by morning and volleyball court by noon. Ingenius ! This is the most well utilised sports area of our school.

The Secondary School block and Science labs on upper floors

Built a small hut to house plants ? Honestly too many little standalones builts around the school and making the school look much crowded and smaller than before. (Maybe I am a lot 'bigger' now and an overwhelming school seems smaller in comparison now ? LOL )

Pathway up to the art room.

Part of the Art Room converted to Bengkel Kamahiran Hidup

Balai Seni Lukis. Mrs Low's territory.

This the end of the canteen, stairway up to Form 1 and Form 3 blocks

Secondary school canteen

Form 5 blocks and science labs

Form 4 blocks and a cross still visible.

Moi, lunching..

We were taking pictures happily coz it's assembly time and then the principal and her assistant came to question us and asked why we were taking so many photos. When I explained I was an ex-student and am thinking of placing my girl here, they allowed us to keep the photos. :)

I missed checking out The Nazareth, the holy (and scary) block of our Form 6 class. I wonder if they'd demolished it. It's so old and unstable and walking up the creaking woody stairs, not knowing when it'll collapse ... oh and those 'secret doors' that's not meant to be opened. Wonder where it'll lead to.. hmmm... these are my good ole memories of my school.

We quickly left when school ball rang.

And on our way down, took a pic of this gate.. separating primary and secondary school. Been around since my Std 1 days.. that explains the quality of workmanship then.

Oh yes... to CY and Liz, I bumped to Mr Hoo. I think he taught Physics.. or Add Maths... was never my teacher but I'm sure you remember him. The only male teacher from our school.
He's retiring next year. Married to a Vietnamese lady and going back to Vietnam and enjoy his post retirement days, farming.. What a wonderful life ya ?

Being back to my alma mater brings back many fond memories. A place where I spent 13 years of my schooling life. No joke. Not many people would have spend that many years in the same school.

As I walked out.. our school song kept playing in my ear.. I vaguely remember the lyrics but it was something like this :

CBN, the shining star of my life...
you will always grow within me...
and through me you will shine forth...
a true light.. others will follow...

CBN, sinar bintang hidupku....