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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Celebrating Hubs Birthday

This year his only request was to share a bottle of wine with me at Langkawi at our favourite little place - Mare Blu @ Perdana Quay, Telaga Harbour Park. We've been here once on our last trip and this trip, going back to Mare Blu tops our to-do list.

We like the food and ambience here. Highly recommended for anyone visiting Langkawi.

It was already dark when we got there and we missed taking nice pictures of the marina at sunset.

The rows of dining place faces the marina and you can see some very beautiful (and expensive sailboats). Here's one, right next to our table :

Mare Blu

We brought our own wine and paid a little for corkage. We had Taylor's St Andrew, 2000 Shiraz from Clare Valley. Palatable and just nice for our dinner. Not to complicated and not too intense. Just nice.

Service was superb. They decanter-ed the wine for us.

I ordered a fish and chips for Amber, specially fried with breadcrumbs only, minus the egg. The chef did a good job.. not too thick a batter.. I so hate those fish with thick eggy floury and oily batter. This was just perfect :

I forgot about the tartar sauce but she didn't take it anyway. The fish was moist and tasty, hubs and I finished half of it. Half a portion for Amber was already too much.
Our appetizer : mozzarella with grilled tomato and zucchini slices. Yumz !! Did you know Langkawi produces their own cheese, esp mozzarella? No kidding, drive along Langkawi island, lots of 'kerbaus' all around the island.

Needless to say, the salad appetizer was as good as it looks here :)
She ate her dinner without complain and didn't even ask for tomato ketchup !

And..... my platter.. fillet mignon, medium rare with mushroom sauce.
Excellent and perfect ! We were thinking of our fillet mignons on flight to Langkawi . LOL !!!! Really, no kidding, we can't find a place in KL that does a better job than Mare Blu.

Another view of my fillet mignon.

Mine was done medium rare.

and hubs.. rare.. Hubs is really fussy over his steak and he sings praises for Mare Blu, asking any of his friends who visit Langkawi not to miss this place.

Kachingg !! Happy Birthday Hubs.. from your little family.

Complimentary tiramisu.. on the house..

Again.. Amber gets to blow the cake.. and sings the birthday song with hubs and not without telling me again ...
Amber and Papa blow birthday candle.. Mama, you cannot because it's not your birthday. Only Papa and Amber CAN !!
hmmmmppphhh.... she's trying to make me jealous ;)

Telaga Harbour Park, don't miss this place if you go Langkawi.. It's along the same row as The Loaf.