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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dining at Rootian Seafood Restaurant - Kuah Town

We've tried and tested many chinese restaurants at Langkawi. Hubs is a porkie fella so he has to have his porkie quota. It's either Western dining or Chinese tai-chow for him.

This trip, we tried a new place for lunch, a horrible Chinese restaurant called "Imperial", next to the Underwater World and Duty Free at Pantai Cenang. Since it's just lunch and we wanted something light but the 'tim-choy' waitress kept pushing us to take heavy dishes. .. .. perhaps to get more revenue ? We had a sweet sour fish and green vege.. with coconut water. Set us back RM70 and that place was infested with flies !! A middle eastern couple seated next to us complained and they got a citronella candle but she totally ignored us until I called for 'Lou sai.. hou tor woo ying ah !!! ' only then she gave us a citronella candle. Whatever, we won't go back there again.. so remember 'Imperial' and avoid it.

I always look forward to 'Rootian' at Kuah town. It's smacked in the middle of town, a corner coffeeshop, red table cloth, red walls, you won't miss it. oh.. It's opposite Coco Valley Duty Free Shopping Center. I couldn't take any pics of the place as it was raining so hope this helps :

After 2 blazing hot afternoons, we welcome the rain very much.

Amber looks forward to dinner. For once, she insists on eating on her own. Maybe she's hungry from a day full of activities ?

Hubs and I was more than happy to let her eat on her own. Slurps....

Wuah.. an empty plate !
and what did we have ?

Steamed watercress soup and fried greens

Stewed pork belly with yam (woo tau kau yoke). Hubs needed his porky quota !

The best dish of all : Choy Poh Red Snapper. I so heart this dish. I love the crunchy choy poh and garlic. Goes so well with white rice.

A closer look.. crunchy choy poh n garlic with little chilly bits. I wonder how they cook it so nicely. I'm not attempting this dish. I'll just go back to Rootians !