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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Langkawi 2010

We went for our yearly sojourn to Langkawi, just in time to celebrate hub's birthday.

Langkawi is a yearly destination for us. Some might find it boring in this little unexciting island but we love it's peace and tranquility, fresh air, good food (and cheap too) and absolutely nothing to be stressed over here. No traffic jam, no queues, never rushing for time except when we were late to check out and rush to the airport because moi overlooked our flight departure time.

Up, up and away...

Amber was very excited to go 'sit aeroplane' and then she asked the darnest thing :

Papa,, why the aeroplane have wings can fly but still need pilot to drive the plane ??
Papa.. why the aeroplane wings don't move like this wan (makes the wings flappaing movement)

She in the 'why why tell me why' stage now and nothing stops her curiosity. I am smarter than hubs. I chose not to seat next to her.. ha ha...

Upon arriving Langkawi, we rented a car, Proton Wira auto for RM140, 3days 2 nights. Good deal and we have been renting from the same guy for many years.

We drove to town, did some shopping, had lunch and ice cream. As usual, I was reading ingredients of the ice cream and found this ice lolly for her :

Amber fell asleep in the car on way to the hotel. We checked in to Langkawi Lagoon. This is our 4th stay here and it'll be the last. The hotel did not do any upgrading works and it kinda look exhausted. I'd like to try other new hotels or refurbished ones.. there's just too many hotels to choose from.

Some pics of the hotel :

pool ...


the villas.. and .. nope we didn't stay there :(

sunset, by the pool ...

Since Amber took her nap in the car, she refuse to allow us to nap, keep pestering us to go 'swimming'..
We went to the pool and then beach. The hotel has daily activities at the beach and that day it was 'fishing day' ...
So what's up ? I saw ppl peeping into the pail :

they caught a jellyfish.

Amber was busy digging for crabs then..

Hotel guests we invited to cast the net to trawl in some 'fishes'. Hubs and I didn't bother, we didn't think there's much to catch anyway.. but some other tourist found it a novelty and tried their luck.

Tried a couple of rounds, not much luck, this guy above only brought in 2 miserable fish, about 2 inch length fish. I didn't think this activity was good as they'd probably almost killed the fish when releasing it to the pail. I jokingly told the GM, ' your catch of the day is not enough to cook a meal lah ! '

The villas by the sea is really nice, only if we can afford it. On our first stay at this hotel, the staff brought us to see one of the units, apparently Tun M's, a double storey unit kitchen, living hall and study rooms. Pure luxury !

Amber loves the beach, sun and sea a lot. Just like me.. :)

more to come .. on Langkawi