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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Goodbye Langkawi

We took Amber for a stroll on the beach again before checking out. The weather was hot, very hot and I'd rather hide under one of the shaded cabanas and let both of them bond. Any more of the sun, I'll just melt away....

I took some nice pics ...

and applied sunblock, face and body and put on a hat for her..

and took some photos...

hmmm .. this lady was attempting to test the water, fully clothed.

I also like this photo for the color contrast, the blue sky, blue sea, white sand and pink suit :

and knowing she's happy and contented, I am too :)

father and daugther bonding.. mother - resting and snapping away.

then we checked out and bid bye bye to Langkawi..

we shall be back, soon.