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Thursday, April 22, 2010

To amberong - 34 wks

Hello Amber,

36wks now ...

Mummy has created an email account for you. You are still in mummy's tummy, awaiting to see the world in about 4 weeks time.

Papa is working very hard to provide for us. Papa is very anxious about your arrival, be good and give mummy a good delivery ok ?

This morning, mummy woke up with red rashes on my legs and some mild rashes on my tummy. Papa was worried that it could be dengue but after checking with Dr Jeremy (he will be delivering you to the world :) ), he said it's not a problem. Rashes on my tummy means reaction to your urine !!! Mummy's asked to drink more water to flush out toxins and the rashes should be controlled.

I wonder what and how's the world for you in mummy.. you seem to be squirming and turning a lot each day by day. Mummy's enjoying this pregnancy very much and waiting for your arrival, please help mummy with a safe delivery and remember.....

mummy and papa loves you very much !