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Friday, April 9, 2010

Ching Ming for kids - Afraid of Dying ?

I need to spill this out before I forget what she said. This is too funny.. and touching too.

Hubs went back to Malacca for his Ching Ming prayers 2 wks ago. It's was the peak of praying time, lots of cars at the Jelutong cemetary. Some roads were blocked to facilitate traffic. Hubs will recognize his granparents grave from a particular angle of road (to the left of this, and to the right of that, etc) but one road blocked and everyone was in a daze. By then they got on foot to locate his grandpa's grave. Strangely or coincidentally while scouting for grandpa's grave, they stumbled upon one with a photo that resembles his greatgrandmother. Look closer, it's the long lost grave of greatgrandma and greatgrandpa !!! It must be their lucky day !!

So, cut long story short, hubs took some pics of the grave, came back and shared with the rest of the family...

.. and Amber

Amber has not seen graveyards before and hubs explained to her.. this is papa's Tua Ma and Tua Kong's grave.

why ???

and so he explains.. people grow old, die.. they are buried.. and remembered..

she was quiet for a while and not until a day later. . during bedtime, she started crying in bed..

I don't want PapaMama grow old
I don't want PapaMama die
I scared...

oh.. dear... poor her.. I really felt for her as we always asked ourselves what'll happen to her should hubs and me leave one day..

I explained.. people grow old, Amber will grow old. too

I don't want .. to grow old.. becoz PapaMama die already
I scared alone.. I scared in this big house.. I don't know how to take care..

ok.... I assured her.. PapaMama will grow old with you ok ??

No.. I don't want.... I scared grow old die already. have to go the hole.. so dark. i scared alone.. so dark...

shit.. I really don't know what to say this time.... then...
Ok.. ok.. don't worry, we won't die.. we will be with you.. next time you get married, have children. Mama will take care of your children ok ?

Mama.. I scared.. and I very sad.. if you and papa die, I will be alone..wuahhh.. haa..

Ok.. ok.. don't worry, I will always be with you.. grow old together... go to sleep ok ? and I hugged her to sleep.

Smack the hubs for showing her those pics. I've already warned him and the few days later.. he showed her again, hoping to explain to her..

and the drama.. continues again..

Do you explain to your kids about life and death ?