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Thursday, April 22, 2010

To amberong - birth

emailed - 7 May 2006
event - birth


You are 2 wks 1 day old today.

Mummy has not written to you in a loongg looong time. My love, you have finally arrived.
Mummy and Papa was looking for another caretaker for you. Since your discharge from the hospital, we have been in Kong-Kong's house for 2 weeks and y'day we moved back home.

OK, let me tell what has been happening since your arrival, you certainly took a long time to arrive, mummy was in labour for almost a day from admission to Labour Ward C219, Pantai Medical Center at 8am on 21 April 2006 for induction at 8am. The midwives, Uncle Jeremy and Dr Damo - the anaesthethist was very supportive. Mummy panicked when I had not dilated , I hopes I was not forcing you out. Papa prayed to Kuan Yin and I prayed too and after a short nap past midnight, mummy felt contractions and the nurse told me you are on your way !!! That was abt 4am on 22 Apr 2006. The nice midwife ( I cannot remember her name ) was so good to me and I was afraid she'll be off shift soon at 7am. She assured me you'll arrive by then ! I started pushing after 5 am and papa was supporting me all this while ( but i think he was very very afraid but excited to see some little hair of yours popping out ).. Uncle Jeremy came in slightly past 6am and in a while you were out at 6.18am !!! Actually mummy saw the clock above me when they took you out for cleaning and test, the time was abt 6.13 am but Unc Jeremy noted your time of birth as 6.18am (good number .. hahaha). He heard papa calling you 'Amber girl' and thought your name was hamburger !!! That's how your nickname 'little hamburger' came about.

They put you in my arms right away, you were very slippery, and very warm. Not crying yet but your mouth was wide open. Mummy cannot descibe the moment to you but papa had some parts of it on video for your viewing. The cleaned you up, had the apgar test done (you scored an 8) and brought you back to mummy but we were very tired and engrossed with sms to inform everyone of your arrival (they have been calling from australia, singapore every where the night before) to check if amber has arrived. You were snorting with phelgm and very alert. looking left and right, around the room.

They took you away for a bath and paediatric check soon after and 2 hours later mummy was in the post natal ward C328. You smelt sooooo nice, looked so gorgeous,so fair, soft and baby when they brought you in. Lots of people visited you, Auntie HT, Yeh Yeh , Mah Mah, Uncle Chee Keong , Uncle Michael & family, Koo Ma & family, Choo Yee Yee, Yee Cheong, Ah Keong kor kor and all of Papa'e Yee Yee's. Later at night, Auntie Wai Fun, Steve , Norman and Kein came to visit you and us. Everyone's very excited to meet baby Amber for the first time

You spent your first night with us. Papa was sleeping on the deck were calling for us every hour and there's once you were crying, we didn't want to adhere to your crying, was afraid of spoiling you.. and later we found out you pang sai !!! It was your first meconium 'sai'. Very happy to see your black gooey 'sai'. Mummy was trying very hard to breastfeed you but I could not see any milk at all. Was getting worried that you may end up hungry.. Lots of other people visited you on Sunday, Uncle Leon, Auntie Ei Leen, Auntie Junice, Uncle Keith, Uncle & Auntie Jackson. Everyone just wanted to see you.

Mummy going to bed now, it's 11.30pm , 7 May 2006.

Hugs and kisses a plenty from Papa and Mummy