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Friday, April 9, 2010

Getting to the root of things

We've been battling with Amber's eczema since birth. Poor Amber, as a baby, she didn't scratch much or fuss a lot when she has a full blown bout of eczema attack.

Now, she scratches a lot esp around the eye area. I'm really concerned that the 'itchiness' is affecting her development. Last week, during our parents-teacher meeting, I was told she can't sit still and concentrate during class and. Once she scratched her backside so hard, the other kids stared and laughed at her... and to make matters worst... few kids followed and did the same. I felt so sorry for my little girl.

I was even told by some 'smart alec' friends and relatives that I should get her checked by a doctor for she shows signs of having ADHD... and this is so unfair.. to pass judgement on my daughter when they hardly know her or spend time getting to know her. Do you think it's fair to label a child as having 'ADHD' by just a short observation ? BAH !!! these people really annoys me, they should just put their foot in the mouth !

I've tried numerous creams and lotions to control her eczema and we always have to rely on cortisteroids. I've also eliminated seafood from her diet and hardly gives her eggs. She's been on soy milk and I've seen some improvements but I'm still not happy with it.

None of her paeds recommends a blood allergy test done. In fact, most of them tells me, there's nothing much I can do. I did talk to someone from the blood test department at a local private hospital and she too tells me it's very difficult to pinpoint exactly what she's allergic too and furthermore it's hard and painful to draw 3-5cc of blood from a toddler.

Well, this weekend we are going see a highly recommended doctor who may give us an answer to her cause of allergy without testing her blood. Hubs and I are very excited and hope we can get an answer and solution from the doctor. Wish Amber luck !