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Thursday, April 22, 2010

To amberong

Before I got hooked on bloghopping, I sent emails to my Amber. I created an email account for her when I was 36 wks pregnant.

I'm glad I did create an email account and she'd better thank me for grabbing the login id 'amberong' for it's really hard to get ones own name as login id.

Now, as I read back my mails to her, I recall back those moments of impending motherhood, the excitement of having a baby for the first time and how precious she was to us then. I used endearing words to describe her. She was 'my darling baby', 'my precious' and 'princess'. Now, she's the smelly fart, naugthy fart, cheeky fart, chow babeee, hamburger and all things BAD !!! Terrible huh ? MIL's maid calls her 'jahat' and her cousin sister is 'nakal'. What apt names for both of them. LOL !

Well, she should know how much we love her, despite all the bad names.

As her 4th birthday approaches, hubs and I reflect back the past 4 years with sweet memories. We have our moments of despair too, when she's ill, when she fell and lost her tooth, the blood, stitches and all or when we had to pass her from one minder to another like a football coz her babysitter was not well for a couple of months and now, her journey to be allergy-free.

Oh well, parenthood is never easy and bumps and humps are just part and parcel of it. We chose to be parents and it's our responsibility to give our best care and love our child.

Ok, back to amberong, I'm going to journal down the few emails I sent to her in this blog,