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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yesterday Evening

First of all, I'd like to say a big thank you for all blogger friends had concerns over Amber's diet and allergy. We are going slow and trying to determine the cause of allergy and meantime she's off milk.
Like it or not, she has to take solid food (rice, meat, vege and soup).

I thought putting her off milk would increase her appetite. Not so, and maybe not yet. I checked with the childminder yesterday, she's still slow and reluctant to finish her dinner. I'll give it more time. On the upside, she's been a good girl when the childminder didn't her any pre afternoon nap milkie. She even told Boon Kor Kor : doctor say I cannot take milk, make me itchy ah.

We are vigilant to feed her more water and liquids instead. She doesn't like taking water and I made some cordial Froots Vit C drink for her to bring to school. I packed a Vitagen along with some cookies for her. She hates any cordial drinks but I made it sweeter this time. I don't mind a little sugary drink for school, I think she needs the energy. She finished the drink and likes it very much. Now I know why she hates Ribena and others, maybe it's because I didn't' make them sweet enough :(

Last night, we had some quiet time together. Hubs was away at work and both of us cuddled, read books, played etc, I was trying to get her mind off milk. We were watching Oprah Winfrey show. Interestingly, the episode was about Kirstie Alley's weight loss and gain. One of the issues, a lady, had lost weight successfully. Amber saw her in bikini and asked me : Mummy, she wear bikini, can see guitar string like Amber (our terminology for skinny minny girls with ribs showing), not nice hor ??

Ya. not nice, so skinny not nice (actually,she had the perfect body!!), can see and feel guitar string not nice (slap myself on the face). Must be like the aunty (Oprah and Kirstie) and Mama, then nice.

No lar, you not nice, a little bit fat.

Where ?

Neh !! poke poke my tummy and spare tyres ! A little bit fat here

**slap head** I know what I'm telling her is wrong but as a kid, she should not have the great idea of having a bikini body right ?

Then later part of the show, Oprah interview Michael Hebranko, the world's best dieter who lost more than 3000lbs in his lifetime. Read about his story here and here. Very sad life he has.

Amber stared at the tv in amazement and a man this size and then told me :

Mummy, I don't want to be fat like that uncle......

LOL !! She must be so traumatized by a person that size when I tell her she needs to eat more.

Anyway, when it's almost bedtime, I manage to get her to drink a whole tumbler of water and she had 2 anzac cookies and went to bed, forgetting all about her milk!

On a sidenote, I bought 2 tins of Scottish Highland Oat Milk from a stall near my office. I hope this can be a solution to her allergies and satisfy her milk cravings and I better pray hard she is not allergic to oats milk too !