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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Of Lately ....

No blogging, no posting, no uploading. My laptop's internet connection went kaput .. zinggg.... gone ! Strangely, I can do everything else on the laptop except connecting to the internet.
My IT support is too busy to look into it, so it seems lah, and there's other more important stuff to do..

I really wanna cry, no internet during office hours is killing me. Worst than no coffee. Well, I have my 'stolen moments' too, that is when hubs goes out for appointments, I quickly jump on his seat and logout all his programs.. load my msn, gmail, blog, bla bla bla...

Ok,, before the boss is back, let's see, what's up lately ....

- been keeping an eye for egg-free, dairy-free, yeast-free, sugar-free products. Doctor just confirmed, being allergic to cow's milk, she has to avoid everything dairy, including butter.
- when I tell people what she has to avoid.. everyone shakes head.. tsk tsk tsk.. die lor.. this cannot eat, that cannot eat. I shan't focus on the negative, I shall be POSITIVE and focus on what she CAN eat instead.
- been visiting almost every organic store in town, looking for special diet food. I'd say, not to bad, I found a couple of tolerable food, labeled 'May contain traces of egg and milk'. I should think they are free of eggs and milk and the 'traces' are very minute. So far, I've found and will introduce the following to her :

dark chocolates. Lindt. - most dark chocs like Cadbury do contain milk but not premium brands like Lindt. Only cocoa mass, cocoa butter and sugar

nestum cereal. plain cereal and fruit flavoured does not contain milk. Easy. I'll just mix with Isomil

peanut cookies & kuih bangkit - both butter-less. She's walloping my leftover cookies from CNY and these 2 are her favourites. When it's finished, I'll bake almond cookies with ground almond, olive oil and icing sugar. Almonds are a lot healthier than peanut

I found ICE CREAM for her... New Zealand Naturals fruit sorbet. Dairy free. She had strawberry last weekend, RM7 per scoop, very steep but worth every sen when you see her smile and that's PRICELESS ! Tomorrow is her birthday and she wants mango flavour. Wish granted.. with pleasure

I baked dairy free, egg free cupcakes yesterday. Many thanks to Barb who sent me the recipe.
I improvised it a little, added some strawberry jam, replaced water with unsweetened soya and it actually tastes good. Can't wait to upload the photos and blog about it. The cupcakes are meant for Amber's small party at the childminders and yes, tomorrow is her birthday. My little girl turns 4 tomorrow.

4 years of feeling itchy and scratching everyday.. I hope by her 5th birthday, she'll be cured.

She wants a BIG BIG cake and a BIG BIG present for her birthday. This years request is everything BIG and she's getting none. I've made small cupcakes for her and present is something intangible. Will write more later.. when my laptops up.

In the meantime, I must dig up her birthstory. I had it stashed somewhere in my gmail. Those days, I didn't know what a blog was and I journal-ed down my preg and early motherhood days in email to my daughter, hoping she'll read one day.

.... and I'm also busy hunting for dust mite free beddings and air filters. :)