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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Going Around Langkawi

Langkawi has lots of nice beaches, Pantai Cenang, Pantai Kok and Black Sand Bay to name a few. We went to Pantai Cenang, a very touristy spot.. lots of souvenir shops along the main road. Food here is lousy and expensive, don't dine here unless you are dining in some hotel. The local food sucks.. and I'm not gonna blog about the food, in fact I didn't even take any pictures.

Since Langkawi Lagoon's beach is not-that-fantastic, we drove to Pantai Cenang, armed with her beach toys, lots of towel and chilled drinks.

Before we left, she made a checklist on her stuff to bring, doing a 'role call' to me at the hotel room :

spade - checked !
spoon - checked !
pail - checked !
sunblock - checked !
watergun - checked !
swimming suit with panties - NO ! this was the bikini I brought but she's so skinny now, wear bikini also 'chau kong'... and I knew it's gonna be a hot afternoon, better cover her up more with shorts n tees.

@ Pantai Cenang, Frangipanni Hotel.. I want to check this hotel out for future stay. Verdict : not worthy of a 4-5 star. The most, 3 star only. Don't go unless you get a 3 star pricing !

hubs caught her scratching again.. somewhere itchy.. lah..

It's low tide and safe to let her play on beach while we relax on the sundecks.

but I make sure she's well hydrated. One big bottle of chilled Revive was all we need.

then she wrote her name on the sand.

Well done !

this one... hubs wrote..

nothing makes her happier than being chased by the waves.

Towards the evening, we went to Dataran Lang near the jetty to take some pics of the awesome Helang...

Amber was afraid of the great big eagle and wants to be carried all the time.

Then we saw a couple of eagles flying past. I love observing the flight of an eagle.. so smooth and swift.

Sunset view from Dataran Lang.

We had dinner in town and I shall do that in another post.

One of the best features of Langkawi is it's duty free alcohol and chocolates. We really indulge to the fullest coz it's so cheap.. We got some Hoegaarden beer and a bucket of ice from the hotel, some snacks, chocolates and chilled in the comforts of our room.. ahhh.. our holiday was just perfect.

We were watching HBO - Harrison Ford's 'What Lies Beneath', this was our first movie together 10 years ago @ TGV KLCC. I liked this horror flick because of actress/model Amber Valetta and I chose the name Amber for my daughter because I liked Amber Valetta. (.. and pls don't associate me with choosing the name 'Amber' with our local model coz she wasn't even known yet when Amber Valetta was famous ... )