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Thursday, April 22, 2010

To amberong - 20 April 2006

Hi my dear baby,

You are due tomorrow on 21st April ! but but there's no sign that you'll be out yet. Are you so comfy in my tummy that you want to stay on longer? Mummy and papa are very worried that your long stay may be detrimental to you. Dr Jeremy has advised to 'induce' you out tomorrow. Please don't be surprised or shocked and let's work together to make your delivery as smooth as possible k ?

Papa wanted to share the same birthday as you (or maybe you are waiting to share the same bday as papa) but looks like not. He's been very busy lately, so it's best you see the world on 21st as advised by doctor.

Mummy will check in to Labour Ward at Pantai Hospital tomorrow at 8am, they'll do the necessary procedure for me to be ready for your birth. Papa can't be with me in the morning but he's promised to be around from lunch onwards to wait for your arrival.

Mummy has been naughty and craved for McDonalds milk shake recently. One more milkshake today before your arrival ok ?

YeYe and MaMa bought a lot of herbs ane medication for mummy to consume after your arrival. They are also as excited and MaMa will pray to kuan yin to protect us and bless us with a safe delivery.

Your Ah Yee ( Poh Yee and Choo Yee ) are very excited too. Aunty Pearl got excited when she received my call yesterday, she thought I had delivered you already. Ah Keong kor-kor is also very excited and planning to visit us in the hospital. Ah Leong wanted to make you a card. So, baby Amber, we are all eagerly waiting for your arrival. Be Good and God Bless us both !

All the love from mummy and papa...