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Friday, January 14, 2011


Been yonks since this blog was up-to-date. Any matters to blog about then,  is no longer blogworthy anymore now. Busy, busy, busy, just plain busy-ness.

Few things to note before :

Amber started Yr5 of preschool. Not sure if it's K1 or K2 and what's the difference anyway? I'm so blur with it all and this blur mama here got all her dates mixed up. I thought school starts on Wed but found out last minute that it's Monday and not Wed and was rushing to get her uniform ready.. yaddaaa.. yaddaaaa .. yada. !
Then, school hours were short.. till 10.30am only not 12noon as I thought. I didn't know until the third day. Thankfully, the transporter is reliable, good for blur mamas like me.

Her schedule starts earlier and she has to wake up at 7am sharp. Feed her probiotics and wait for another 30 minutes before she takes milk. Will update on her allergy later.. no good news :( .... BUT.. we are hopeful :)
She watches a lot more tv now, I must say, I am glad !  She's never keen on tv before and now that she can watch a whole cartoon show, I can work in peace.

She has to be up and changed to her uniform by 7.30am and the motivation ??? Angelina Ballerina!!!! She absolutely loves the dancing and prancing rats :) She insists they are rabbits and not rats, I stopped arguing with her that bunnies do not have long tails like rats but as long as she's happy to be up early, Angelina Ballerina is my saviour, rats or not, I don't care.

She's completed Abacus Book 2 , subtractions and addition of double digits. We are considering to stop her abacus class and enrol her to dancing or music. Abacus is good but the homework is killing. Killing us and her too. Max 240 sums per week. Very taxing for me, not to mention 5 yr olds. On top of that, she comes home with homework form her kindy too. Bad news ! Homework almost every other day. I thought kindy and abacus is too much work for her. Every evening the poor girl is greeted by "Have you finished your homework ? How many pages of maths have you done ? Why didn't you finish ? etc etc.. instead of relaxing and goofing around with her. Why would kindy have homework ? Why ? why ?   I don't  remember homework during my preschool days... err.. I don't even remember doing homework when I was in Primary school !!!

We'll see how she fare in her next abacus exam. She likes the class but absolutely hates the homework.

At home, it's been exactly a year since Sopheak, my ex Cambo helper left us. We still think of her occasionally. I wonder if we are in her thoughts as well. hmmm.. most likely not. hahaha...
We don't intend to get another maid anytime soon. Despite the house being a lot little more messy than usual and always loads or laundry unironed, I'm still alive and kicking !  Mei sei tak !!

CNY is around the corner. I'm cutting down on my baking after grating my own thumb nail off yesterday while grating pineapples. Ouch ! No nice Konad nails for new year ! :(
Had a good lashing from hubs, no more pineapple tarts but this is one cookie I heart so much. No other tarts live up to mine.. (cheh .. perasan betul !!). I spent the whole of Thursday baking peanut cookies, I smell like peanut butter and I dreamt of burnt peanut cookies in the oven. LOL ! I think enough is enough.. I don't know what got of me.. all 5kg of peanuts hopped from my wok to the miller and in and out of my oven. I'm so done with peanuts !