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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cookies Specially For Her

I had to plan my baking on times when she's away at school or childminders. Due to her allergy, she's not allowed to tax my cookies like she did before.

Amber comes home, drooling at the jars of cookies on the table and asks for some but it breaks my heart to break her bubble -- you cannot take, you are allergic to butter and eggs.. . . 
BUT !!!


I promise her... I'd bake some that she can eat : 

Peanut cookies
I used canola oil and omitted the egg wash. Very fluffy and melts in the mouth. She has her own style of enjoying the peanut cookies. She'll asks for 3 or 5 cookies, place in a bowl, crumble all of it and scoop up with a spoon  :)
.. she shows enormous joy in munching the festive cookies.

Princess Snow White Tarts

 Pineapple tarts with vegetable shortening, egg replacer and I omitted the egg wash. Looks ghastly white and unappetizing. I got disheartened too but luckily I remembered having some really cute red casings with white polka dots I bought a while back stashed somewhere.

The casings made a difference. I told her.. her tarts are very special, specially made for her, white as snow white and only Amber has Princess Snow White tarts for CNY.

She said ..

thank you mummy...
mummy's cookies is the best in the world  :D

hehehehe.. innocent mind like hers is so easy to please. bluff a bit here and there and they are sold.

I felt so good. Not 'perasan' but I felt good because I could tweak the recipes a bit and churn out something for Amber. After all, CNY is all about indulgence :D