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Friday, January 21, 2011


Thanks for the get well wishes for Amber. She's a whole lot better now. Probiotic helps, although slow acting, but helps a lot. That explains why her mild fever keeps coming on n off for almost a week. She's back to her normal self now and last night she asked for rice and soya sauce.. and fed herself.  Strange combo, soya sauce and rice but in between I stuffed her with steamed pomfret fish. When I was young, I hated food too and my favourite is hot steaming rice + soy sauce.  I was a skinny kid.. no joke, yes, I was really skinny then. I wished I had more photos of my childhood to remind myself, I was once slim : )

Back to Amber, I heard bad news today. I called her previous babysitter, a Por-Por, if she could care for Amber while hubs and I attend a seminar by the great investment guru -  Marc Faber. I wouldn't miss this for anything. Por Por was in tears, she told me she can't as her brother passed away last night. He complained of tummy ache, went to the toilet, fainted and that's it. I don't know the exact details yet.

Hubs and I want to pay our last respect and hubs insist Amber should go. Ah Keong is in his 60's, a strong, tan and cheerful man. When Por Por wasn't well, she sent Amber to Ah Keong's wife for a couple of months. I was very nervous then, as Amber had just started walking. I thought she would not get used to a new nanny, but I was wrong. When I sent Amber over, Ah Keong would carry her, play with bubbly Amber, making her laugh and promised to buy her san char kou and lollypop. Ah Keong would always wait to greet Amber with lollypops and san char kou. A nice man, he is. Although Amber was only there for a few months, she remembers them well and loves to play with Ah Keong's 11 yr old girl - Wan Teng.

Hubs thinks Amber should know that Ah Keong had passed on. We want her to pay her last respects and remember Ah Keong as the kind lollypop and san char kou man We are prepared for the never ending strings of question that follows. .. .. .. about life and death.

She needs to learn that life is not permanent and she has to appreciate and cherish what god had bestowed upon her. 

Above all, may Ah Keong rest in peace and I pray for Ah Keong's family to  and the courage to face the days ahead and remember him as a kind husband and father he was.