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Monday, January 24, 2011

Princess Wannabe

Every little girl wants to be a princess and mine is no exception. Some days she'll be Princess Snow White, some days, Cinderella or Mu Lan.

Her current craze is Princess Rapunzel coz she likes the movie very much. She believes there's a Eugene out there waiting for her.. ... :)

She's princess, I am the Queen, hubs is the King. Her children will be princess too and she will have 'girls'.. never boys because boys can never be princess.

One afternoon, I showered and changed her but I got a shock later when I saw all dolled up as a princess, complete with Barbie necklace and ear-rings from Aunty Annie

She put on the necklace and clipped the earrings on her own and put on a pair of new shoes

and asked me to : TAKE PICTURE ! TAKE PICTURE !


Princess Rapunzel Amber, at her best behaviour, best polka dress from Shireen's and best smile :)