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Thursday, January 6, 2011


31/12 was my birthday and I thank all my pals for the wishes, sms and FB. The big day started great, a week before with a massage treat from my good pal, you know who you are.... 2 hour Thai massage was heavenly when you've been working hard, running a fruitcake factory :)

My sis knocked on my door at 7am to deliver home brewed chicken essence. Heavenly ! and thank you tai kar cheh !

Then came wishes from the little one. She wrote me birthday notes. Plenty and I've kept a couple in my wallet :
A must keep in my wallet, she'll ask me if I've kept or throw it away, and ask to see the proof.. haih.. this little girl. I asked for only 1 more gift from her, that she be a good girl on mummy's birthday and don't raise an occasion for me to shout at her. So, it was a day of bribery too. I kept going on and on.. you have to do this.. because it's mummy's birthday or you have to finish your lunch, because it's my birthday and a long list of you have to-s.. It's great if everyday was my birthday right ?
No housework and no laundry on my big day. We left for Mid Valley to catch Gulliver's Travel, with complimentary pass from my sister's best pal. Bless her and thank you HT !

She also treated me to coffee and cakes at San Terri. Hubs wanted 'real coffee' and Illy at San Terri's was the best we could get at Gardens.

All of us were too full to have any cake but I chose a slice of Opera, my favourite :) for the sake of Amber, who was sooo looking forward to blowing the candles... and she fed me cake too ..nearly poking my eyes with her fork

After an evening of nothing-ness and a long nap, we had dinner at Brussels Beer Cafe. I wanted a casual place without all the New Year celebrations and most importantly, food which Amber can take. Amber loves Brussel's roast pork :)

We shared among us : 

She granted my birthday wish by obeying my instructions, my calls, finishing up her food and simply by just being happy. She's happy, I'm happy, hubs is happy. Happiness is a circle that goes round and round and it breeds on you, doesn't it ?

and somebody's ready to party.. 
but we left Brussels for somewhere more interesting

to meet our friends.. Sharon and her family.. for a late evening toast to the New Year.

Minutes before midnight, we walked out to watch the fireworks.

Happy New Year and here's wishing all family, friends and blog readers a year that's filled with peace, happiness and good health..