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Monday, January 24, 2011

Eck-zam - passed !

She received her certificate of examination from teacher last week. She passed the most elementary level - Level 11. Level 11 is the lowest level and she'll progress to level 10 and so forth.

This certificate came all the way from Taiwan and is very precious to us. Hubs, the proud father, handled the certificate with meticulous care. Nobody can touch until he has taken a photo and he wants me to laminate up his princess' achievement.

Like all parents, we are proud of our kids' every little achievement, not bragging but just proud and happy for her :)


Amber Ong, I hope you can cope with mental arithmetic but if the homework is too much for you, we are prepared to pull you out, what matters most is your emotional wellbeing, we don't want you to be overly stressed up.