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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Not Well

There's signs of her being unwell recently. Started from mild fever last week which we kept away by self administered paracetamol. Over the weekend, she was up till almost midnight, we had a wedding dinner to attend Saturday and she was cranky and restless and rude.

Her appetite was bad. Took her 2 hours to eat half a bowl of rice and by Sunday, we didn't bother force feeding her anymore. Wanna eat.. eat.. hungry, eat.. dun wanna eat.. forget it. We had a birthday party to attend on Sunday and I wasn't going to kick up a big fuss on her meals.

Yesterday afternoon, Boon texted me and said Amber was crying of stomach pain and 'backside pain'. She pooh-ed and later diarrhea-ed.. Hubs and I rushed home to take her to a new paeds at Setapak, Sharon's regular. I don't trust our neighbourhood clinic anymore after 2 failed antibiotic doses on me.

Amber kept crying 'buttock pain',, 'stomach pain'... and was so fussy, she had to sit at a certain angle in the car, otherwise her buttock will hurt. Poor girl, cried all the way to the clinic.. she even said 'pang pui also pain ahhh '. .. hubs and I almost broke out laughing.

We got her some mashed potatoes from KFC as the poor girl didn't have lunch or dinner. While waiting for the doctor, hubs had a quick dinner next door. Amber threw up forcefully, a projectile vomitting. So fast till I couldn't open a paper bag for her in time. So, she was messy all over... body, legs and all, not to mention us too, spots of vomits on our clothes.

I had to clean her up at the clinic and luckily I had a spare set of school uniform with me.
Doctor couldn't detect anything except wind and he prescribed Pedialytes, Ibuprofen and Novimin.When Amber kept crying 'backside pain', doctor checked on her 'backside' and asked us in detail on Amber's care history. I think he was doing his job, looking for signs of abuse  and I had to assure him that I trust Amber is in good care while we are at work. Quite funny, this doctor, but I appreciate his concern..

Back home, she diarrhea-ed again, this time with lots of wind.. long bouts of fart came along with her motions.
She felt much better and I fed her the balance of mashed potatoes.
Showered her clean and put her to bed.

A restless night for her, she kept talking in her sleep and dreaming. Woke me up at 2am, 4am and 6am, asking for orange juice. I don't know why, I was in such a sleepy state and only fed her water.

She's off school today. I let her rest at Boon's and Aunty Choo had suggested boiling some ginseng with warm rice water. I told her to do the works and I'll pay her back. I know very well if I take the effort and double boil anything for her, she'll manja and refuse. Aunty Choo is better at stuffing things down her throat. :P

A boring and tired day for me, sleepy state and needing coffee badly

Another episode worth noting for Amber for she hardly vomits. I think for her entire 4.5 years of being my baby, she hasn't vomitted more than 10 times.. or perhaps.. less than 6 but yesterday's projectile spew was like water gushing out the Merlion but at a much faster speed.