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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

She Fancy Bras !!!!!

She's very curious over bras. Maybe it's the way it's worn, maybe she sees how I so effortlessly put in on and until today, she can't get it right.

We we are Marks & Spencers sales last Saturday at 1U. Hubs wanted to do some shopping too and I had to drag her along with me in to the changing room. Just outside the changing room was the lingerie section. She pulled up a bra along and I didn't even notice till I went in to try some clothes. She got busy trying the bra. Oh what the heck ! It's just 'us' in the changing room.

She was soo cute and I couldn't help laughing. Luckily I had my camera with me :)

Mama, I want to try bra also ! Let me try ok ?

After a few tries, she manage to put it on !

And insist on wearing it out to look for Papa ! The sales assistant was staring at us (on how cheeky she was and what a terrible Mama I was to allow her to do as such)
When she reads my blog as an adult, she'll know what a cheeky menace she was !
This is not the first time. Once at Robinsons, we saw a huge box of colored bras, she fished a green one out for me and another awful starking red one for my sis. "Nah! Yee Yee, you try this lah". Everyone was looking at her, we all had a good laugh!

Here's she, excited of going to the cinema, must wear jacket with the hood up.
Our purpose to 1U was to watch Transformers II. Hubs and her will go for the movie and I go shopping but one of our friends didn't turn up and I went instead. I don't fancy action packed with sound effects kinda movie. I'm more into drama but nevertheless, it was a good movie, entertaining and a much better movie than Terminator. Amber could only keep still for 30 minutes before she got agitated and complain of being 'tired'. Luckily she fell asleep later in my arms till the end of the movie !!