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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas @ Pavilion

It was just like not too long ago when I just started blogging and posted about Christmas at Pavilion here. Time flies and we are back to Pavilion again and the Christmas decorations are up, this time it's reindeers, reindeers and more reindeers, in and out of the complex and it's amazing, really huge, nice, pretty and all.

p/s on a side note, I can't find anything new at KLCC, I hope they don't recycle the tallest Xmas tree this year, we're done with purple, gold, red tallest trees. . . haih.. I wonder when they'll come up with something new.

We went to Pavilion to meet up with big brother and his family who were shopping at Low Yat for Nintendo DS. I'm not a keen on gadget shopping and I asked them to meet us at Pavilion instead and had a good time snapping pics with Amber and hubs.

This huge reindeer is inside the mall, a few of them with sleighs and all.

At the entrance of the mall, more reindeers with snow theme. Very pretty and christmassy sight.

Then the cousins came back from their Nintendo DS shopping.. we took a few group shots together.
Only one word describes her... 'HAPPY' with the presence of so many cousins. She wants to follow them home to kong-kong's house and sleepover.


Then she remembered the cotton candy Aunty Pearl got for her at Genting, and insist I buy one for her.
One cotton candy, that's all it takes to make the little kid happy.
Christmas is coming soon and I wish everyone a happy time shopping and whipping up Christmas dishes.