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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas is coming

Amber posing with the Christmas tree

Amber loves Christmas. She just loves it. If she can grab a towel or bag, she'll pull it over her shoulders and pretends to be Santa Claus bringing a bag of goodies. "Mama, you see ... Santa Claus!!"

We went to Pavilion to check out the Christmas decorations. It was really nice to hear Christmas songs and everybody in the festive and cheery mood. This year, they placed a big white Christmas tree with gold baubles at the main entrance, across from Bintang Walk. I realised it was the same Singing Christmas Tree last year. Nevertheless, it was awesome and

Amber was delighted and she even obliged for a few photo pose.
We remembered Christmas at Pavilion last year, it was beautiful, they had the singing Christmas tree, Santa Claus and the shopping complex was still sparkling new (parking was also cheaper then).

We had our dinner at the Food Republic, our favourite hangout and Amber was having lots fun playing with the black bubble tea bulbs.