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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Of Tiger Balms & Buttock !

I keep a jar of Tiger Balm in my car. Amber was toying it with, to my annoyance. Opening, closing the jar.
I screamed her to stop. I warned her if she ever gets tiger balm on her hands and touch her eyes, it'll burn 'lat lat' and I can't help her.
Why this is Tiger balm ?
Because Tiger Balm is 'lat lat'
Why Tiger Balm 'lat lat' ? Chuoh Moi ? (chuoh moi means 'why' in Hinghua dialect)
Because it's hot. Close it and put it back.
err.. Why is Tiger buttock 'lat lat' ?
LOL !!! When I said tiger 'balm', she thought it was tiger 'bum'
She must be wondering why tiger's buttocks are 'hot' in nature. LOL !