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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Of Kindy Search - Mandarin and English

I brought Amber to visit another kindy, the one nearest to my house, kindy 'Q'. Hubs and I didn't have a good impression of this kindy because I called a couple of days ago and the principal promised to fax me the fees and never did. Anyway, since today is a Saturday, we might as well drop by to see the place.

The lady guiding us through the curriculum is kinda 'kayu', speak when spoken to type and not very enthusiastic. Doesn't seem like a kindy school teacher - cheerful and loud type. Amber speaks louder than her and I just imagine their 'teacher-student' relationship - Amber shouting at the top of her voice and she.. meowing no louder than a cat . LOL !!!

Overall the kindy is alright, apart from the teacher and staff attitude, it's pretty clean and organized. I asked Amber, :

Do you want to come to this school ?

No ! I want the fold paper school (origami, ie the Montessori nearby)

haih.. really 'sek for', give her a choice, she has to choose the most expensive one.

Then later I asked her if she likes Chinese or English school.

What is Chinese English ?

Uh-oh, only then I realise she can speak both Mandarin and English but is not aware they are 2 different languages.

English is like how Mama speak to you everyday :
What have you eaten ? Quickly eat. Have you showered ? Brush teeth, take medicine. Don't climb, don't run, don't shout, come here, go to sleep.

Mandarin is like :
Ni you juo koong ker mah ?
Ni che pau liao mah ?
Lai cher pian , Ni juo sem moh, pu yau che yang lah.. (my limited smatter of Mandarin spoken to her, rarely though but she speaks more Mandarin at Boon's)

Then she tells me :

I like "Chen Hao Wei" school (taste real good)

Aha.. she prefers a Chinese/Mandarin school (kindy).

So, now we are hunting for a Mandarin medium kindy.. haih.. here we go again....