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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Help ! Something Spooky

Updated : the spooky fruit is in our guest toilet, in the room MIL stays when she visits. it's about 3 inch diameter
The pandan smell is from my bed. Hubs insists it's my body lotion ! What ?? He thinks my expensive lotion is pandan kaya !
Hubs saw something on our toilet window grill and quickly called me.

It was like this :

Perched at the corner, neat, as if somebody placed it there. I really dunno what it is.

I quickly took photo.

Asked maid, she also dunno

Then I asked hubs to bring it down with a plastic bag. On closer look, it was like this :

Looks like dried shrivelled mini pumpkin, left out of the Halloween Party. Strange hor ?

Can't figure out how it got there and what it was. It's still a mystery today. Spooky !
From that day onwards, my bedroom smelled like 'pandan'. Hubs blamed it on my body lotion but I'm pretty sure I don't apply and food smelling stuff on myself. Really strange. I asked the hubs to check the roof this weekend to look out for animal droppings, I hope no surprises but I'm curious to know and I can't sleep in peace until I find out !

I hope to hear some feedbacks if anyone have seen this spooky fruit !