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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wine Roundtable 3 with Wine Kakis

I missed out posting on Wine Gathering 2, was too busy fussing over the roast pork and fried chicken wings till I forgot about snapping pics.

We did another wine roundtable over the Hari Raya Haji Weekend with the kakis, our group of friends. Coincidentally, all 4 couples (including us) has only 1 daughter and one of the kakis is expecting their second child next year, and this calls for a big celebration.

This session, although we were host,we called for a 'pot luck'. Each 'kaki' would have to bring a bottle of wine of equivalent value and we'll do a horizontal tasting. Trust hubs and his kakis to choose a wine to complement each others. We volunteered while we still have a maid to help me clean up. LOL !!!!

Ok, we had this to fill our tummies :

Char siu, baked duck (very English taste) - from ES, Kajang chicken and lamb satay - from Steve, cupcakes for kids, olives and cheese. Leonard left his whole pot of fried bihun at home, we had a good laugh coz he only realised the fried bihun was left sitting at his car porch in Kota Damansara when he arrived at our place. Anyway, foods aplenty at our place ;)

And the kids... boisterous, cheeky, noisy and ...... CUTE :

Little Tong Tong is the baby of the lot and we love her pretty smile :

Cheers :

We started with this :

As with all our wine roundtables, there'll be some who aged and kept well and some who didn't make it :

Chateau Blanquet Saint Estephe 1997. 2 bottles stored at different chiller, didn't make it (MaxD's and SY's). It has to be supplier or transportation issue, not our storage fault.
The corks turned out like this :

Can you see the seepage ? One even went mouldy. Since we have 2 bottles at fault, I suggest we return to the wine importer.
Then we went on 'reverse gear' and started all over again with a lower range :
Chateau de La Riviere, 2001 Fronsac (SY's). One of my favourites, a very deep bodied French. Goes well with vintage cheddar.

Then slowly, we upped our tastebuds for higher range :

Chatuea Taillefer Pomerol 1999 (Hubs)

Chateau La Pointe Pomerol 2000 (ES)

Deep in wine thoughts and everyone talks wine language :D)

Food does play a part too.

Mr Handsome deciphering his notes ? (wine notes lar.. lol !)

For the records, this one didn't make it either (LL's).. Chateau Belair, Dubois Challon Premier Grand Cru Clasee, Saint Emillion. Purchased from PL Soon Huat at Langkawi. We swear NEVER to buy any wine from Langkawi for storage ever again. This is second time our Langkawi wine let us down. No more, please. It's like pouring money down the sink. I'd rather get some brandy or whisky !

And to wrap up the session, we had Saint-Emilion Grand Cru 2005, Chateau Chante Alouette.
I can't write much about wine notes, wasn't drinking much but at least we'll remember what we had, what was good, was not and what didn't make it.
Next wine roundtable we'll welcome the New Year at KD !!!