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Friday, November 13, 2009

Going Kindy Next Year

We've been kindy hunting for Amber. Actually we've already made up our mind which one she'll go, without paying the place a visit but one new kindy was about to open next year and had 'open house' , so, we went to 'kaypo'. I thot, why not ? since the kindy looks so bright and cheerful.

I never knew the difference between Montesorri and other teaching methods but last Sat's kindy hunt was an eye opening experience for us.

We also didn't expect kindy could be so expensive.

The first kindy we visited is new, opening next year. Montessori teaching method. Bright cheerful yellow painted building. Charges abt RM6600 per year (all inclusive). The preach the Montessori method, teaching kids nature, plants, pets, cooking, origami etc.. Chinese is a main subject here, along with English and BM

The other kindy we intended to send her to is a normal runofthemill kindy. Charges RM3300 per year (all inclusive). Chinese is not a main subject. Taught only twice a week. Although looks good frm outside, inside is a bit messed up. Doesn't 'smell clean'. I'm very particular on Amber's environment. BTW, this was also the place the other kids at Amber's childcare caught HFMD from.

Amber prefers the 'fold paper school', ie the Montessori. She remembers doing origami with one of the lady helpers while we were talking with the principal (you see, they are very good at marketing..while the parents study the place, the other teacher will psycho the kid.. lol !)

Everday, she says she wanna go to 'fold paper school'..

Sigh... hubs and I contemplating..

Is Montessori so important ? RM6600 per year. We would have spent RM20k even before she enters primary school. I don't think I ever spent that much in my entire school fees and college ! I know they do cover areas that other schools don't.

When we walked in, we saw like 20 pots of guava, rambutan, durian, jackfruit, etc etc etc plants. They supposedly teach the kids about plants but I don't think kids will remember how the leaves look like if they don't see any fruits hanging from it. I might as well teach Amber the plants in my own garden. Get her to water and tend to them, she'll remember better.

We also saw jars of onions, garlic and ginger growing. I think I can do that, easily.

They claim to bring in pets at certain session to let the kids get to know different kinda pets. I think I can bring her to the zoo nearby and she'll learn more animals !

Sigh. . . . haih.... now I know why so many parents fuss and go through the trouble of 'kindy searching'

Price vs Quality.. what should we do ????