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Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Trip Up Genting

We went up to Genting with brother and his family last week. It was raining most of the days and hubs didn't want me to drive all the to the top, which I wanted to and luckily I did not as it was raining quite heavily on that day.

We drove to Awana cable car station and took the cable car up for RM10 per person, kids ride for free. In fact it's faster getting the cable car up, parking is easy at the cable car station and the kids enjoyed the 10-15 mins ride up.

Each cable car carriage can take up to 8 ppl (max) and 7 of us fitted nicely and cosily in a carriage. Quite scary I wouldn't want to look back .. the kids had fun and we told Amber a little lie.. that is to keep quiet otherwise the tigers below can hear her and jump up to our carriage. LOL! We are 'bad' but it's a good way to keep the little chatty chatterbox quiet.

Once we arrived the top, we quickly got our All Park Daily Pass, family package.

Amber was very impatient..she got sick of waiting for her turn and cried instead... haih..

Luck was not on our side.. it poured, heavy too.

Umbrellas..and we left ours in the car.. haih.. Can you see my niece, Rosalyn pondering over the brochure ? Poor girl, too big for kiddies ride and a tad too small for adults ride. She was in between most of the rides.

Amber and Sharlene could go for most rides together. Lucky for them as there was a few shaded rides they could hop on too. In fact they had the most rides for that day.

Amber and Sharlene on junior bumper cars. Amber was the driver and the car was going nowhere, bumped from the left and right. She just could not control the car and I was like a mad woman shouting "Press the pedal ! Turn the steering ! Press the pedal ! MOVE !!!!" LOL !!

Then Sharlene took over the wheels and they get to go and bump some other cars.

Luckily my SIL brought a few raincoats for the kids and then there's really nothing much to do than wait, esp for Rosalyn.

The minimum weight and height for the rides. We had 4 kids with us and SIL and I kept tab on who can go on which rides.

And this has to be Amber's favourite :
Ride De Paris. I'm sure most parents are familiar with this ride.

At Ride De Paris, Amber can go on and on , endless rides and I need not keep a close eye on her, this ride is kinda safe and she knows her way to queue up, get up and out and queue again. The last time we were at Genting, very late at night, they allowed her to stay on the ride over and over again without queuing up and my little girl loved it.

Natalie had the least rides, most adult rides like Motion Master had a 1 hour queue. Poor girl. I hope the next time we go up Genting together, we be blessed with bright sunny weather and less crowds.

The other ride we managed to hop on was the Antique Car. Quite fun coz it was cold and foggy outdoors.

Having cotton candy while queuing up was something fun for the kids.

And the last ride was Carousel. Parents can hop on with the kids for this ride, so I happily went along.

Amber was fussing and I really don't know about what. She was out the whole day and missed her afternoon nap, perhaps she was just tired.
When we left for home, the sky was already dark, raining and foggy. Again, luckily we took the cable car instead of driving all the way uphill.
I hope next time when I bring my nieces go up Genting, they can have more rides and NO RAIN ! I really feel bad for them to come all the way to Malaysia, go up Genting to be greeted by non stop rain and the outdoor theme park tickets are non-refundable too... haih..