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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cameron Highlands - Sg Palas Boh Tea Farm

If you asked me where to go or what to do in Camerons, I would say don't miss the Sg Palas Boh Tea Farm.
If you asked what I enjoyed best at Camerons, it has to be Sg Palas Boh Tea Farm.

Get it ? So good that we went there TWICE !!

It was long windy road uphill, then downhill to Sg Palas from main road off Brinchang town (after Equotorial). Need sensible driving skills to manouvre those bends and know when to give in and when to charge coz some bends are so narrow, we gotta lookout for oncoming cars and give way to them first). After some nailbiting moments (coz we were the very few cars gg to Boh estate while the many other cards were on their way out, we got there almost close to closing time).

BTW, the place is open till 4.30pm and closed on Mondays.

Beautiful serene place, away from the hustle, bustle of farmers and traders at Brinchang town.

Green, green and more greens, not a flower in sight. So pleasing to the eye.

View from the deck of Boh Cafe

Backtrack.. we parked our car some 200meters away and took the 'bush walk' . Be careful as it was raining and it was slippery. If you are going with old folks, better take the tar road up. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the walk up with Amber. Hubs was busy taking photos of everyone while I minded the little one. Both of us used our umbrellas for support like 'tongkat' to guide us up.

This was before we reached the muddy path.

The cafe is decked out, perching above the tea bushes. If you are lucky enough to get a seat outdoors, you'll feel the lovely breeze and smell the tea plantation.

I'd still choose the bush walk up anytime, over the easy way up by car .

It was drizzling and Amber was most happy to fish out her little strawberry umbrella that BIL got for her from the pasar malam. While we were upset over the incessant rain or drizzles, she was happy.. haih...

She and cheh-cheh going to the Boh souvenir shop

This is how the cafe looks like... very well ventilated and feels so English like. You'd think you were not in Malaysia at all.

These pics were taken at the cafe decking.

MIL put on lipstick for Amber

Both has glossy and pinkish lips

Monkeying around, as usual..

With their brollies

One last look at Camerons and Boh plantation before we depart and head back to hot humid KL - REALITY BITES !!!!
Of all places in Malaysia, Cameron Highlands is still my favourite. We'll try to make it a yearly affair to go up the highlands...