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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Indonesian Kueh Lapis - The Ultimate Patience Test Bake

I am very happy with my recent bake of Indonesian Layer Cake. Also known as kueh lapis legit, kuih spekok, specot or Kek Jawa. I'm into Indonesian bakings now, I just love their rich and generous (not to mention fattening too) ingredients. Hubs, father, brother and the rest of my family loves my layer cake too.

It all started when my blog reader, Linda Phua from Malacca challenged me to bake a kueh lapis and fruit cake and another friend Josephine Ng sponsored me the iron flat gadget to 'iron' out cakes and icings. I searched for a few recipes from the internet but failed in the first 2 attempts (cake too dry) then Linda sent me a recipe by Amy Beh, which was a great success. Cake was moist, fragrant and yummylicious. Thank you Linda, below is a proof of the successful recipe and I can wait for YOU to try it too !

You can get the recipe here

Here's a few snippets of my bake process and may I suggest that you get a friend to accompany you while baking. It's a long tedious bake and best to have a chilled drink and chit chat with a good friend while waiting for those layers to brown, patiently.

BTW, I took 3 hours to complete the cake.

Assemble all the ingredients first to make sure you don't miss out any items.

Above is the flat iron thingy. Helps flatten and makes the cake neater

Flour, mixed spice and baking powder

Beat egg yolks until creamy and pale consistency

Egg white

Beated till stiff

Mixed spice. I mixed half of this n cinnamon powder (cinnamon powder is cheaper and I have plenty..)

The first layer of the cake

The cake, completed. Cut away the sides. Remember to cut a nice straight line.

I think I made 17 layers in total, multiply by ard. 5-7 minutes per layer, that explains why you need patience to bake a kek lapis... lol !

Kek lapis is best eaten in small and square pieces, like this :)
Biting into the dainty pieces was worth every effort of my 3 hours slaving in the kitchen.