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Monday, November 30, 2009

Steamboat @ Home

I did a steamboat session @ home last weekend.

We were home, not going anywhere for holidays, unlikely of us but hubs had a few client appointments up so we didn't want to plan anywhere. Joanne and Sharon came over as Joanne's hubs was also away for training over the long weekend. Then Annie called and asked me to teach her to make lor mai. She also suggested doing steamboat for lunch and I was a bit jittery about it. Never did a steamboat at home before. I know the basics - soup, dip everything in, that's about all. I quickly went to the market to see what I could get but it was a disappointment, many stalls were not open due the long Haji holidays. Luckily I could get all the 'balls' - fish ball, meat ball, cuttlefish ball etc and some vege. I boiled a soup base of chicken bones and some Chinese herbs I rummaged from my fridge. Thanks to Annie's pork shabu shabu , the steamboat was actually quite nice. I also baked some cupcakes for the kids.

Annie also picked up Barb and Ashley along to join us. With so many kids, Amber was overwhelmed and shy, she kept to herself while the Sharon, Fearles, Cruz and Ashley played with her toys. I guess she also needs warming up ;)

She sat alone on her 'baby stroller'

hmmm.. I like this pic. Will enlarge it frame it up.

Everyone played with toys while she stayed on her baby stroller ...

It's only later that she warms up with the rest and they all played on the swing together. This pic is so cute right ?

Since I could not get any seafood, I made some wantan and sui kow (Annie calls them water dogs ! LOL !!!). Barb got us some cute little fish balls in shape of pig ? dog ? It's the one with black eyes and pinky ears. The best stuff was pork shabu shabu Annie 'supplied'

While we cooked and took pics, hubs took a pic of us ladies, getting lunch up for the kids..

I used my multi-purpose pot, claimed from my Cosway coupons. Very efficient heating and boils up very fast.

After a while, Amber finally warms up to her friends and I like this pose, all so relaxed or probably tired from playing, needing a rest.

The girls playing masak masak. The boys were busy enjoying cupcakes.
Well, the lormaikai was not-so-succesful this time, hubs says it lacks ooomph... probably Annie can make better ones ;p)