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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gao Gei Choy - Boxthorn leaves

My favourite dish. Mom used to cook this quite frequent.
This vege is best eaten with ikan bilis soup or stir fried in egg sauce. I like it with soup, makes a nourishing and satisfying dish

Gao Gei Choy or Boxthorn leaves. I've heard it's very for the eyes (improves vision, maintain vision, etc) but I don't really know why or how but I reckon it comes from the same family as boxthorn/wolfberries, chinese gei chee, the red seeds that resembles mini raisins. Even wolfberries are known as a supplement for eyesight, so I should think boxthorn leaves and boxthorn fruit, by namesake, is somewhat related .

Careful when stripping off the leaves, thorns lurking from the sides.

Strip them off the leaves.

Stems discarded.

Boil a pot of ikan bilis soup, throw in the vege, fishballs and turn off fire, add egg.
Voila ! A bowl of steaming hot soup, excellent dinner dish, especially on a rainy day !